Distinguished Alumni

The list of alumni of the Oxford Blues ice hockey team is perhaps the most distinguished of any team in any sport in the world including: two Nobel Laureates (Peace, 1957; Economics, 2001); a Canadian Prime Minister; two Canadian Premiers (Saskatchewan and Newfoundland/Labrador); two Governors of the Bank of Canada; and the Governor of the Bank of England:

  • Rt. Hon. Lester B “Mike” Pearson (Canadian Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner)

  • Rt. Hon. Roland “Roly” Michener (Governor-General of Canada)

  • Hon. Dr. George Stanley (Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick and designer of the Canadian Flag)

  • Clarence Campbell (NHL President)

  • Mark Carney (Former Governor of the Bank of Canada and Governor of the Bank of England)

  • James E. Coyne (Governor of the Bank of Canada)

  • Professor Michael Spence (Nobel Prize – Economics, 2001)

  • Hon. Danny Williams (Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador)

  • Hon. Allan Blakeney (Premier of Saskatchewan)

  • Canadian Supreme Court Justice Ronald Martland

  • General Peter Dawkins (Heisman Trophy Winner)

  • Hon. Mr Justice Ronald Martland (Canadian Minister of Justice)

  • Hon. Otto Lang (Canadian Minister of Justice)

  • Professor Hugh “Ian” Macdonald (all-time leading scorer of the Oxford University Ice Hockey Club – 135 goals across three seasons – former President of York University, former Chairman of Hockey Canada, and former Vice-Chairman of the Canadian Hockey Association)

  • Rob Follows (Founder of STS Capital Partners, Altruvest Charitable Services, among others)

  • Paul Almond (novelist and award-winning former television and motion picture screenwriter, director and producer)

  • R. H. G “Dick” Bonnycastle (“Gentleman Adventurer” and founder of Harlequin Books)

  • Major Talbot Papineau (great-grandson of patriote Louis-Joseph Papineau and Canada’s “Lost Leader” – killed in action at Passchendaele in 1917 – featured in Sandra Gwyn’s Tapestry of War)

  • Jack Higgins (fervent opponent of Newfoundland joining Canada but later appointed to Canada’s Senate)

  • Gustave Lanctôt (Dominion Archivist and Governor-General’s Award-winning historian)

  • Bernard J T “Bosie” Bosanquet (Wisden Cricketer of the Year 1905; inventor of the “googly”)

  • And many others (apologies for glaring omissions)

Pete Dawkins in action for Oxford

Richmond Ice Rink, 1960